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Anonymous: Well I tattooed myself with the stick and poke way 5days ago and Idk if it's good. I mean when i touch it i feel like little things on the top of my skin (sorry i don't realy how to explain it I'm not english :/) so does it mean i have to do it again ?

Stick n poke tattoo is still a tattoo. So it behaves like a tattoo :)
You should google how to take care after a fresh one. If it still doesn’t look like healed after 5 days – just don’t do anything with it for a few days. 

Anonymous: Hi! I really like your work! What kind of needle do you use for colouring/dotwork? I have tattooed myself already and would like some pointers for future projects. Thanks!

I haven’t done dotwork ever)
If you mean lines — now i’m using only RL (9 and more).
For colouring M2 is the most comfortable as for me. :)

connectivityroom: Hi there, I just discovered your Tumblr. Love your work and the way you present yourself on your page. At the moment I'm working on a book; a tongue-in-cheek snapshot of the weird and wonderful world of the Tumblr generation. Would it be cool with you if I publish a screenshot of your Tumblr and some of your favorite tats? The book will be published internationally and of course your work will be credited with your name/tumblr. Looking forward to your reply! Pernille

Hello! :)
Wooow! It is an honor for me to be in someone’s book! Ofcourse it would be cool! :)
If you’ll have any more questions — here’s my email